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we take great care to make sure our events surpass the expectations of all our attendees. Whether you have already ridden with us in the past or if you are still considering when to take the plunge and join a Cycling Ride Sportive this year; you will be pleased to know that we have enlisted the expert services of Marissa Bartle of MB Sports and Soft Tissue Therapy as our after-ride masseuse.


A very quick search on Google will throw up hundreds of articles about the benefits of a post-ride massage for cyclists. There is a tonne of research to support the many advantages that an after-ride massage can deliver. In this post, we uncover the specific ways in which your body can benefit from taking advantage of the services offered by our trusted masseuse after you’ve taken on and completed your Cycling Ride Sportive.


After a long ride, the body needs to recover. As you would expect, your legs take the most beating when you’re cycling. General tiredness, cramps, and soreness overall are the most commonly reported ailments. The upper part of your body also get hit hard too; this is due mostly to the fact that your body is in an unnatural position for much of the ride.

Having a post-activity massage can help to improve your recovery time by enabling the toxins and fluids to be removed from the spaces in between your muscle fibers, helping the blood flow to return to its normal state, and allowing vital nutrients and oxygen to get back to the muscles quickly. Overall, it helps to elongate the muscle tissue and can help you to relax as well.


By helping your muscles return to their normal working state, and boosting the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients; this will help you to perform better overall. There is a reason that all professional athletes have a sports massage therapist as part of their team and it isn’t just because they get injured more. Getting an after-exercise massage is proven to enhance your performance due to the fact that healthier muscles and a better functioning skeletal system both work to help you perform better overall.


One of most compelling reasons for an after-ride massage is to help with injury prevention. The action of pedaling, specifically where there are steep inclines involved puts a lot of strain on your body, especially on your quads. If there is a headwind, this can also affect areas of the lower back and the glutes. The knees can also take a bit of a beating, and sore muscles are a common complaint too.  According to studies carried out by the Wall Street Journal that looked specifically at injury statistics, those in the 35-54 age range suffered 40% more injuries than in the previous decade, simply translated to, ‘we need to take better care of our body’s.’

In addition to the above, it can also bring about significant benefits of massage elsewhere.


  • It can help to lessen inflammation in the muscles by freeing up any adhesions and breaking down the scar tissue.
  • It can improve the mobility of your joints by helping to free-up any restrictions in the fascia and by decreasing the thickening process of any connective tissues in the body.
  • Your muscle tone will be improved, which can also serve to address any issues which are linked to an imbalance in your muscles lessening the physical stress that is placed on the bones and the muscles.


  • A post-ride massage will promote relaxation and reduce the stress on your body overall through the effective stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Your sensory receptors are stimulated, that will help to soothe your nerves.
  • Pain is reduced when endorphins which are renowned for improving your mood are released into the body.


  • It enhances muscle flexibility through relaxation.
  • It can provide the effective treatment of muscle spasms, muscle tightness, and release any restrictions that may occur within your muscle tissues.
  • It helps your muscles to get rid of any waste products and toxins.

At any level, cycling is a physically demanding sport. Taking part in a Cycling Ride Sportive is fun, and you can take things as easy as you want on the day. Regardless of how fast you finish or how hard you ride, getting a post-ride massage is a great way to wind-down after a hard days’ work-out on the bike.

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